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Three Masters
Master Wei Xianglian, Master Zeng Nailiang
and Master Peng Youlian
Master Zeng and Master Peng

In May 2002, our association forged new links in the world Taiji community when Master Zeng Naliang and Master Wei Xianglian (Mrs. Zeng) came to Thunder Bay to visit and to teach. They were invited here by the Thunder Bay 55 Plus Centre and our Association. At the Farewell Party our President Peng, presented them with plaques naming Master Zeng as our Association's Chief Advisor and Master Wei as our Association's Honourary President. On their part, the Masters had previously presented Peng with a certificate naming him Honourary President of the Fuzhou Huawu Gongfu Centre.During the course of their stay they taught a number of courses and gave workshops. Most popular was a series workshops on the Six Forms Taiji Qigong (Liu Shou Gong). The Six Forms was designed by Master Zeng and Master Wei purely to enhance health . Particiipants learned to perform the movements coordinated with their breathing and circulation of Qi. Since Master Zeng's retirement as head coach of the Chinese National Wushu Team, they are devoting much of their time to promoting the health benefits of Taiji and Qigong. Our Association has translated their book. The English title is Taiji Qigong:Six Forms for Health.

Qigong lesson
Six Forms Taiji Qigong in the
55 Plus Centre Auditorium
Push HandsHuawu Taiji Fan
Duilian demonstration (Pairs form) and Taiji Fan class.
Gigong - Crane Flying in the Clouds
Six Forms Taiji Qigong, Movement Five, Cloud and Crane,
in the Marina Park.