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Thunder Bay's International Taiji Park

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City of Thunder Bay
Clean Green & Beautiful Awards

"This project embodies the Clean, Green & Beautiful spirit that makes Thunder Bay a great place to live. Thank you for setting an example that others will follow for years to come." Mayor Keith Hobbs

The Bronze Award goes to the International Taiji Park at the Waterfront
for it's dynamic landscaping, celebrating cultural heritage and public creating amenities. The International Taiji Park – a volunteer initiative initiated by the Peng You Taiji Quan Association – began as a dream for a space to practice Tai Chi in an unsurpassed location. This park is the first of its kind, not only in Canada, but in the world. And all Seven Grand Masters from China flew to Thunder Bay to see this unique park. What an honour! The park's concept incorporated a strategically erected Moon Gate to provide a beautiful view of the Sleeping Giant and an entrance to a peaceful, serene destination for the community to practice a healthy activity and connect with the natural surroundings. The Taiji Association, in conjunction with the City, has undertaken the daily cleaning and maintenance of the Ying Yang Pad, the Moongate and the surrounding landscaping. The Taiji Park was designed by Walter Kuch of FORM Architecture Engineering and built by NST contracting.



In July 2006 seven of the foremost Taiji Grandmasters assembled here in Thunder Bay - an historical event - their first time together outside of China. They were here for the International Forum on Taiji Quan 2006, organized by our Association.

They joined us for our Wednesday morning tradition of Taiji in the park. They said that Marina Park with Lake Superior and the Sleeping Giant, the fresh air and the calm atmosphere, is one of the best places in the world to practise Taijiquan.


The Thunder Bay International Taiji Park is our way of commemorating that momentous event in the history of taijiquan and our contribution to making Thunder Bay's waterfront a special place for residents and visitors alike.

Our project is a partnership of the Peng You Taiji Quan Association and the City of Thunder Bay. The design was done by FORM Architecture Engineering.

taiji pad

Thanks to our valued donors:

Platinum - $3000 plus

Cumberland Restaurant
FORM Architecture Engineering
Framing & Art Centre
Victoria Inn Hotel and Convention Centre
William S. Climie
Trudi J. Jones

Diamond - $1500 to $2999

Streak of Green Hair Salon
Thunder Bay Chinese-Canadian Association
Olivia Breton
Luba Cargill
Adele & Robin Crowley
Jerry & Rose Gauthier
Wendy Huang & James Taylor
Kevin Kennedy, Past President of the MAC
Komenda Family
Mary Lou & Doug Rabb
Dale Stokes
Su Jing & Peng You
Willem & Anna Wulf
Zhang Yongqing

GOLD - $1000 to $1499

This Old Barn
Thunder Bay Mitsubishi
Bruce & Georgina Adderley
Ken Boshcoff, Councillor
Min-sun & Anita Beltran Chen
Chen Zhenglei
Edna Groop
Sita Jo-Anne Holland
David Chow and family
Larry Iwachewski
Tat Lui
Dr. Christopher Lai
Helen Smith

SILVER - $500 to $999

Bay Credit Union Ltd
Lafarge Canada Inc
Roberta Adderley
Marg & Wayne Bilbrough
Louise Bourett
Fernando & Eileen Dias
Dr. James Di Giuseppe
Margaret Glass
Brian & Joy Nieminen
Erika North
Jane Pringle
Oliver & Brenda Reimer
Sheila Shannon
Li Shihong
Verna Smith
Bert & Sylvia Wagner
Jean & Anita Wong

Amethyst - $100 to $499

Badanai Motors
Enzo D'Angelo General Contracting
John Books Sculpture and Chris Stones
LCPS Chartered Accountants
On Deck
Rooster's Bistro
TBT Engineering Ltd
Vector Construction Ltd
Wushu Ontario
Brick Layers and Allied Craftsmen Union Local 25
Polish Alliance of Canada Branch 19 Ladies Circle
Italian Society of Port Arthur
Daniel Allen
Cheryl Anderson
Joan Ball
Richard Ball
Jim & Faith Bowles
Mona Cashmore Perkins & Rick Perkins
Barbara Coomes
Megan Crowley
Sean Crowley
Betty Daniar
Catherine Derosier
Tracy Drynan
Arlene & David Else
Graeme Else
Susan Favetta
Kathryn Ferrazzo
Lakehead Chinese Folk Music and Dance
Mary & Ken Harris
Lois Heald
Mayor Keith Hobbs
Bruce & Margaret Hyer
Frank & Helen Iorianni
Elizabeth Jones
Thunder Bay Judo Club
Thunder Bay Karate School
Fort Frances Tai Chi Club
Dr. Funnybone
Simone Kingdon
Jan and Walt Kuch
Cooke's Martial Arts
Jackson & Liyan Lee
Eileen Lehto
Helen Lukawy
Jeananne Lund
Hu E.C. Macdonald
Duncan MacKay
Sandra MacKenzie
Judith Marshall
Albrecht & Anna Mauser
Robert McLean
Eva Mekkonen
Darrell Mirowski
Mary & George Morrison
Elizabeth Naef
Lenora Naylor
Jean Noble
Betty Anne Nurse
Keith Nymark & Cathy Farrell
The Amendola Family
Ann Osborn-Seyffert
Loretta Ostrum
Suzanne & John Park
Linda Pausk
Pearl Peden
Elaine Piccinin
Lynda & Frank Pontisso
Nancy Post
Grace Procup
Erna Retejume
Mike Richardson
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Leona Shadbolt
Carolyn & Morgan Skinner
Marilyn M. Slater
Graham Stewart & Laurie Leslie
Chuck & Danielle Stone
Art Stranges & Linda Parker
Linda Sutherland
Susan Vander Wal
Joseph & Sharon Wasielewski
Aline Whitehurst
Lillian Wolter
Edith Wong

FLAGSTONE - $50 - $99

Holsum Bakery of Thunder Bay
Kent Sign Co Ltd
Electrical Contractors Assn of Thunder Bay
Int'l Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 402
Merilyne Brown
Peter Buset
Lakehead Canoe Club
Donna M. Choma
Bob Derbouka
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M. Kathleen Smith and Graham Harvey
Lillian Hill
Dr Andrew Holmes
Christa Huempel
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David Lyght & Linda Hrabok
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Ethel Yule

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Suzanne Huo
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Mabel Tuominen


Joan Ball
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Kevin Kennedy
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Roy Stokes
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