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Thunder Bay International Taiji Festival 2000

Our first Thunder Bay International Taiji Festival was hosted by our Association and the City of Thunder Bay 55 Plus Centre. It was held at the Centre from July 23rd and 24th, 2000. The purpose of the Festival was to promote Taiji as a healthy way of life, to offer to the general public an experience of Chinese culture and to celebrate the 300th anniversary of Chen Wang Ting, the father of Taijiquan, in the the Year of the Dragon.

During the years of promoting Taiji in our community, we have seen a steady increase in community interest. There is an increasing proportion of older adults in North American society. It has been our experience that more and more adults, particularly seniors, are taking responsibility for their health care by making healthy lifestyle choices. Many have discovered the benefits to health and well being benefits of practicing Taiji, not only on a physical level, but for mental and spiritual growth as well.

The Peng You Taiji Quan Association was honored to have our Grand Master Wang Jianhua as a member of our Executive Organizing Committee. During his two visits to Thunder Bay, he received enormous support from our Association members, other Martial Artists, the local community and the City of Thunder Bay. Since his return to China, Master Wang has been acting as bridge between the Association and Taiji and Wushu organizations in China.

The Peng You Taiji Quan Association's intention to host an Taiji Festival received strong support from the City of Thunder Bay which became an organizing partner.

The festival hosted a variety of activities, workshops, demonstration, seminars, as well as Chinese food. Classes were also held from July 25th to 27th for those interested in honing their Taiji skills.