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Canada Day, July 1, 2007

An opening event of Thunder Bay's celebration of Canada Day, July 1, 2007 was a fan performance in the Marina Park.
To get full sized prints of Peter Puna's photos, please contact him by email. Telephone 767-2265

Peter Puna - Canadaday-11

Peter Puna - Canadaday-12

Peter Puna - Canadaday-19

Peter Puna - Canadaday-01

Peter Puna - Canadaday-02

Peter Puna - Canadaday-03

Peter Puna - Canadaday-04

Peter Puna - Canadaday-05

Peter Puna - Canadaday-06

Peter Puna - Canadaday-07

Peter Puna - Canadaday-08

Peter Puna - Canadaday-09

Peter Puna - Canadaday-10

Photo courtesy of Henry Lam

Photo courtesy of Mary Lou Rabb

Photo courtesy of Mary Lou Rabb